Noelle 2.0 Couture

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Noelle 2.0 🎄
11/8 at 7:30pm CST!
Limited Pre-Order!
Dress and Bloomers- $135
Dress Features:
🎄 Hand Embroidery
🎄 Tartan Plaid
🎄 Velvet Trims
🎄 Full sewn in Peti Skirt
🎄 Grand velvet bow
🎄 V-shaped back
🎄 Pearl buttons
These are limited as we have already released a pre sale in our VIP.
Sezzle will be available at checkout! Sezzle can often create over sells, which we do not have any control over. If this happens on this sale we will refund the last Sezzle orders in this event.
ETA is end of this month. (These have already been in production).